48% of people aged 25-34 now rent their homes, but only 55% of those have found their most recent renting experience a good one. Landlords and tenants are increasingly frustrated with the poor levels of communication between parties through an estate agent, leading to landlords always shopping around for a better agent and finding themselves stung and caught in the same trap a few months later.

HomeSync is a platform for sharing insights into properties using local government, Yelp and other popular review websites’ data, so that landlords and tenants can better understand their area, their constituency, their property, and the local trades available, so that everyone can start the tenancy happy.


Super Being/HomeSync

Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/NCVO


Super Being/HomeSync

Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/NCVO

Identifying our key audience to be landlords with a more hands-on approach (typically these landlords have been left frustrated in the past and will use an agent solely to advertise their property, then manage the tenancy themselves), and tenants with a comfortable level of technology adoption in the 18-35 bracket, we build designed and built HomeSync around the core ideology that renting or leasing a property should be an easy, seamless experience.

From here, we were able to test an early version of the product with a closed group of landlords, giving us a useful insight into how they would want the product to expand and help them manage their tenancies after move-in.

Focussing on both landlords and renters, Version 2 of the product aims to provide these features coupled with a bot that ensures both parties are completing their necessary tasks, reducing liability on both sides, and further cutting the reliance on estate agencies.


My involvement in this project, as lead designer, was to research potential similar products in the market and gather inspiration from both good and bad parts of the competition.

Following this, I was responsible the creation of the brand direction and product design. This involved creating wireframes and eventually high-fidelity mock-ups and prototypes complete with several presentations to show the client our working.

For developer hand-off, systems like an Atomic Styleguide were created to ensure development was easy, used recyclable elements, and consistent with the mock-ups pitched to the client.

Research and development

Branding and styleguide

Workflows/product mapping

Atomic design system


Lead design

Responsive design

See it live

HomeSync is launching a closed alpha soon.

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