Sacred Capital


Sacred Capital believe we’re on the cusp of a revolution where wealth will shift from absolute to relative value. Their aim is to help the average individual navigate this new world and build wealth that’s relevant and designed for them.

Sacred Capital aims to combine industry leading research with advanced matching technology to connect customers with investment options that speak to them on a personal level.

As the lead designer for this project, I created their brand design, styleguides, early marketing materials, Atomic Design system with example internal pages, and public-facing website to move forward and create Version 1 of their product.


Super Being/Sacred Capital

Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/NCVO


For this project, I was responsible the creation of the brand direction and early web and marketing design. This involved rich styleguides detailing everything from the bases of the brand through to advertising guidelines for web, OOH material and the types of imagery and language the company should employ for different methods of outreach.

Branding and styleguide

Atomic design system


OOH and digital advertising

Lead design

Print design

See it live

You can read more about Sacred Capital on their website.

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