NCVO has a diverse community of over 13,000 member organisations, comprising a third of the voluntary sector workforce in England. As the umbrella body for volunteering in the UK, NCVO champions the voluntary sector and volunteering because they believe they’re essential for a better society. Each day, millions of people make a difference through voluntary organisations and volunteering, and they found their ticket booking system was causing massive frustration and drop-off rates with their users.

They also found that their administrative staff were spending far too much time trying to work a disjointed system to creating new events and issuing tickets.

Working with NCVO, myself and the team at Super Being have built the NCVO a new events and ticketing platform to help their customers efficiently find and book tickets to upcoming events, maximising the amount of available information to help a user make an informed decision without overwhelming them. Aside from this, we redeveloped their admin site to help their staff effortlessly create, ticket, and edit events.

NCVO Mockup

Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care


Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Leading the UX and UI design, my role first meant finding the pros and cons of the current admin and search sites, and the scope of the reimagined versions we would build. After learning all the requirements of the redesign, we took time out to research both best practices for searching and displaying results, and common practices seen elsewhere on other popular ticketing websites; leading this research with an open mind and an understanding of the confirmation biases were otherwise likely to put upon ourselves.

After our initial research phase, noting the good and bad points of other events and ticketing websites, we experimented with a series of lo-if wireframes to really put ourselves in the users' mindset. Best approaches against development time were weighed up, with the aim of addressing all stakeholder concerns while not building anything too complicated at the risk of having to omit features further down the line, and we decided on a set of user interactions the best suited both of these concerns.

Understanding the pain points

Our goal was to build a sleek, modern redesign of NCVO’s event admin area, search system, individual events pages, and ticket sales flow, with the aim of:

Reducing friction for the NCVO admins
The NCVO staff have to input data on two websites and manually issue tickets to these events. How can we make this easier for them?

Making information more easily available to the user
How can we display enough in both the search results and individual events pages so that the user can make an informed choice without feeling overwhelmed?

Making events easier to find
How can we make the search and share experiences if the NCVO website better to use?

Creating a quicker purchase funnel to prevent drop-off
How can we ensure a customer has to use as few clicks as possible between landing on the NVCO search page and purchasing a ticket?


Super Being/NCVO

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care


As lead designer, it was my role to initially research best search practices and gather data to begin shaping our redesign, helping to define the scope of the development side of the project.

After completing research and presenting my findings, I was responsible for creating wireframes and eventually high-fidelity mock-ups complete with a presentation document to show NCVO our working. This stage of the project involved understanding and interpreting the NCVO's existing brand guidelines and adapting them for mobile web use.

For developer hand-off, an Atomic Styleguide was created to ensure development was easy, used recyclable elements, and consistent with the mock-ups pitched to the client.

User research

User flows/product mapping

Market research


Lead design

Cross-platform design and testing