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Breast Cancer Care are the only UK-wide charity providing care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer by combining the personal experiences of people affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise.

Currently, after-care for breast cancer survivors is almost non-existent. Whether experiencing side effects of treatment, trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle or finding it hard to make sense of their experience with breast cancer, many people find it hard adjusting to their new lives and finding their “new normal”.

Working with Breast Cancer Care, myself and the team at Super Being developed BECCA-lite, a simple web app with suggestions to support women moving forwards after breast cancer treatment. We initially opened up a closed beta trial of this web app to the Breast Cancer Care forum, and found that over 1,000 women were willing to take part. To us, this spoke to the power of the community, and the need for a product like this.

Using tools like Mixpanel, as well as in-house testing and user workshops, we were able to obtain amazing feedback, and have since taken usage data, user insights and extensive research from this process to refine the product, adding features that gave real value to BECCA’s users. This gave us confidence to build a hybrid mobile app that launched publicly in 2017.

If the original BECCA-lite was a great proof of concept, the full version had to be an amazing resource for our users.


Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care


Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Super Being/Breast Cancer Care

Building from research

From our research, we found a set of areas which we believed were most important to the needs of future BECCA users:

Browse by category
“There are lots of suggestions on BECCA - I want to be able to browse by a specific category to find things that are best for me.”

Organise suggestions
"I want to be able to store my favourite suggestions in one place for later use."

See new suggestions
“I want to get new suggestions every day that are similar to the suggestions I’ve already favourited.”

Share the knowledge
"I want to be able to share this tip with both people who have and haven't had breast cancer."

With this in mind, we built a simple card interface app with all of these features. Knowing that our average user’s age would be above 45, a level of empathy had to be adopted to design a digital product for an audience that would likely have a lower level of comfortability with using smartphones and tablet devices. It was therefore important not only to stick to the Human Interface guidelines of both Android and iOS, but to also avoid any unintentional dark patterns or misleading content placement. Neither of these guidelines delve into too much detail on this, as neither really paint a picture of the types of users we designed for.

In doing this, a simple yet rich product with only 5 different types of human input was designed.


As lead designer, this build saw my involvement from creating initial sketches and shipping BECCA-lite, to shipping BECCA to the general public, collaborating closely with our clients at Breast Cancer Care and the engineering team at Super Being all times.

Work-flows/product mapping

Building on user data

Atomic design system


Lead design

Cross-platform design and testing

See it live

BECCA is available from the App Store and Google Play. You can read more about BECCA on Breast Cancer Care's website.

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