Here's a few projects that I'm particularly proud of:

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LendInvest Web 2024

Part of a series on how we use user insight in the LendInvest Product and Design team, focussing on the surprises you sometimes find trying to research a totally different hypothesis.

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Image of EF Class's mascot 'Classbot' teaching a class in space
EF Class iOS / Web 2019

Want to run a lesson and track the results? Or maybe this is a one-off with a class you need to cover, and you don’t care much for feedback. Or perhaps you want to send our content as homework? We weren’t making it obvious how teachers could use any of these options.

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Super Being / Breast Cancer Care iOS / Android / Web 2018

Currently, after-care for breast cancer survivors is almost non-existent. Whether experiencing side effects of treatment, trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle or making sense of their experience with breast cancer, many people find it hard finding their “new normal".

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Image showing Classbot, the EF Class logo, researching
EF Class Process 2019

We’ve always been keen on research at EF Class – we’d be a pretty useless product team if we weren’t. But sheer eagerness to learn from our users didn’t mean we were always planning, undertaking, or analysing it well.

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Super Being / Search Party iOS 2017

George the Poet is a BRIT and MTV award-nominated spoken word artist and rapper, with a strong interest in social and political issues. I worked with George to build the Search Party App; something to bridge the gap between George’s words and his audiences’ actions.

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Image of Classbot, EF Class' logo, searching for lessons
EF Class iOS / Web 2018

With hundreds of amazing lesson plans, it’s easy to see why teachers love EF Class. With tens of blockers before teaching, it’s also easy to see why retention wasn’t great. This is how we got teachers from the first step of our core loop to their first ‘aha!’ moment.

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Image showing three stylised lightning bolts
EF Class iOS / Web 2019

Teachers are time-pressured at the best of times, so the last thing they need is trusted technology letting them down. To heighten their anxiety, modern classrooms are absolutely wild. This is how we made sure teachers don’t need to stress about that any more.

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Image showing a stylised version of the NCVO website

Keeping the voluntary sector moving

Super Being / NCVO Web 2016

As the umbrella body for volunteering in the UK, NCVO empowers millions of people every day to make a difference through voluntary organisations and volunteering, but the NCVO’s ticket booking system was causing drop-off rates with their users.

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Building out a brand and design system for an asset curation fintech

Super Being / Sacred Capital Web / Branding 2017

Sacred Capital believe we’re on the cusp of a revolution where wealth will shift from absolute to relative value. Their aim is to help the average individual navigate this new world and build wealth that’s relevant for them, and they needed a brand and design system that reflected this.

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