Senior Product Designer: November 2021 - present

At LendInvest I am making specialist mortgages more accessible.


Design Manager: June 2020 - September 2021

At Lingumi I led an experienced team of Product Designers, Illustrators and Animators, and Games Designers, with a responsibility for end-to-end experience and interaction design that was delightful and accessible to an audience of both toddlers and their grown-ups.

As a start-up in a fast growth stage, I guided both the high-level design strategy at Lingumi, but also mentored on and helped shape the approach to user research; setting up processes for sharing results and building quickly on our learnings to meet Lingumi’s pre-Series B objectives.

As a rapidly-growing start-up, Lingumi was in desperate need of a unified approach to brand, product, interaction and experience design. I led an overhaul of our design language to make it accessible and inclusive to all audiences, facilitating a ‘Brand Steering team’ of other department heads to ship a total overhaul of the brand. Over ~4 months, I oversaw building a full Brand Identity system as well as accompanying Design Component Library and Games Design Library, allowing our designers, product managers and developers to test and build more robust releases efficiently.

Whilst helping grow the design team across three countries with wildly different market needs, I helped shape behavioural and skills bands at a company-wide level to then map to the current layout of the design chapter and implement growth and development plans for all members of my team.

EF Education First

Senior Product Designer: August 2018 - May 2020

At EF I built neat in-class digital tools across iOS and web platforms.

I led cross-functional squads by finding opportunity areas with research – both qualitative and analytical. I helped define the experience, test, test and test some more, and then created pixel-perfect interfaces and slick experiences for our users, some of which helped increase our North Star metric by up to 29%.

During my time at EF I led my team to a new research process that not only ensures we captured and analysed things both project-centric, but also in a way that feeds into a wider bank of data that we can use whenever we might need it in the future.

My role saw me help to train juniors, taking them from a complete beginner to contributing their first components to our design library, and shipping their first small feature improvement with developers.

Super Being

Product Designer: February 2016 - August 2018

At Super Being, I created new products and made existing ones more user-friendly across Android, iOS and web platforms, with a strong focus on accessibility and design systems. As design lead on all of my projects, my role saw me guiding clients through product iterations and making informed decisions for their users’ needs.

Clients of mine at Super Being included Breast Cancer Care, Oxfam, The Brilliant Club, Sporting Memories Foundation, George the Poet, NSPCC, CAST, and NCVO.


Product Designer: September 2014 - December 2016

Routemap helped university applicants discover the courses they were best suited to by showcasing example content and matching their soft skills to better-suited courses. As Lead Designer, I tested and implemented best practices for online learning and evaluation, and researched delivery methods with the help of several Russell Group universities, as well as being in charge of the brand.


Business Development: 2014

I worked alongside the early business development team at GoCardless, helping foster relationships between GC founders and charities.

Notable achievements

✨ Won the coveted 'Best Effort' award at Sports Day in 2007 and 2008

✨ Followed by Stevie Buckley on Twitter dot com

✨ Once ate 1.5kg of Stilton in a single sitting

✨ Often expected to be 'much taller in real life'

✨ Drummer in East London's 4th best Cowboy-themed two-piece psych band

✨ Described by Cezar Almeida as 'quite helpful'